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...there´s no air or sound Down below The surface

...there´s no air or sound Down below The surface Hurtslady from Germany

 Hurtsfans with me on my trip through Fansylvania

Adam answering questions on Instagram (31.03.13) - Best Of

  • onlyyoucansetmefree: Adam, do you sometimes check some blogs on Tumblr? You really should, haha!
  • adamhurts: I do sometimes
  • dine1989w: Can you tell me which guitar you use for Help? I really like the sound of it.
  • adamhurts: Ooh ok, think just a telecaster. Simple. Bit of overdrive and delay.
  • marspersimmon: How many languages do you know?
  • adamhurts: Zero.
  • vporoshina: What is your favourite city?
  • adamhurts: To save confusion I won't answer ha
  • blinding_delusion: Do you ever google your name or search it in Tumblr?
  • adamhurts: never
  • blinding_delusion: I can smell sarcasm. What name would you give to your child?
  • adamhurts: Marmaduke
  • ritatset: Adam, when do we hear more songs from new album live? x
  • adamhurts: Summer onwards. Can't wait to unleash Mercy etc.
  • ladiijeannine: Where is @theohurts now? :D
  • adamhurts: In his underground oxygen chamber
  • olgaa885: If you weren't a musician who would you want to be?
  • adamhurts: Pro skipper. I like skipping
  • eva_for_adam: How is Theo's eye? Is he aright?
  • adamhurts: It's better and I think he is a bit annoyed ha!
  • monikaw1998: Do you recognize fans usernames?
  • adamhurts: yep
  • selpawsup: Have you got an object you can't live without? :)
  • adamhurts: My skipping rope
  • eva_for_adam: What are you doing now?
  • adamhurts: Skipping in my hotel room
  • someone_somewhere_: It may sound very stupid but why do you smile once in a blue moon??? :-]
  • adamhurts: I smile all the time these days. Used to dislike my smile but fixed it and now I am properly myself
  • naikee_: Homesick when you're on tour? I bet it's hard..but same time nice.
  • adamhurts: I have no home. Don't need one!
  • svetanumberone: What comes first in your songs - words or music?
  • adamhurts: Music and melody. Then words
  • laleksieva: Would you ever consider producing a soundtrack for a film? I think it'd be epic. Imagine, Hurts and Hans Zimmer my god!
  • adamhurts: It's a huge ambition
  • olga885: Can you dance?
  • adamhurts: Badly!!
  • findhell: Is the eyeliner-wearin punk rocker (ish) side from the Daggers days still there?
  • adamhurts: Deep down. RIP Daggers
  • moutainofshit: Would you ever grow a mustache?
  • adamhurts: It goes red
  • aahallowgirl: Are you a self taught pianist? I play a bit but not as good as you
  • adamhurts: Yeah I got a piano for my 21st birthday and taught myself in a week. I've never really improved since!
  • aahallowgirl: You learned in a week? You are kidding! Feck, I must be really shit then lol x
  • adamhurts: Depends what you want to do with it. If you want to learn existing songs and play them for people...it'll take a long time. I was more interested in writing than learning the works of others. So that's why it was quicker for me.
  • claudia_exile: When did you had your first kiss? :D
  • adamhurts: 16. It was terrible. Had some great 1st kisses since though
  • findhell: One material thing you can't live without?
  • adamhurts: Laptop sadly
  • lovinessadvice: Any wise advice to people who want to start of making music?)
  • adamhurts: Work really really hard and be ready for luck.
  • katiuscia_: What was your favourite subject in school? :D
  • adamhurts: I was really bad at school. English probably. Definitely not science!

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